The Rainy Saturday

It's a rainy day here, I can't go anywhere and I don't have money either, so I decided to sit in front of my PC, take a look into some memorable photos of moeda mengabdi, I miss them so much, yesterday ulan text me and said no one came to teach them last sunday, I hope some volunteer are free tomorrow to teach them. 
I also copied some photos from pasar seni last week, I found a picture, not a beautiful one because the background was not so catchy, but I love my posture at the picture hehe :P (I think I got an over selfie syndrome too), so I edited the picture, and here is the final image.
I can't stop laughing when I look to this picture, it reminds me to some album cover, and that's why I'm laughing, I can;t even sing. My voice are crap, so I don't know what this picture are for :P and I decided to post it here since it's my very own media hehe. Maybe I will compose some children song someday, but I swear I won't use this for the cover :D :D I'm sure no children will buy the album if i use it :P



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