Wednesday Catch Up #1: Embracing September

04.48 AM

Hi, I'm trying to build a new habit!

I've always been trying to write at night because I always have assumption that the only free time I have is at night, when my baby is sleeping. Now I know that was wrong. At least for me. My 1.5 year old daughter couldn't sleep really well when I wasn't around her. Every time I went to my desk and start reading or writing or doing things, there would be any interruption from her room, and most of the time, once I come to bed and start nursing her, I forgot what I want to write, I lost my mood for reading or doing things at my desk, or (this is what happened most of the time), I'm going sleepy and went sleeping too. The only thing left for me at night is reading. 

Now I'm starting a build new habit: waking up early. Because Derana is in deep sleep at this hour, she usually start looking for milk at 6AM, but continue her sleep and wake up at 7AM or 8AM. 

So here I am, writing in the dining room after doing dishes and prep some food to cook in the morning. 

Building a new habit is not easy, I know, but among all habit I want to have once I turn 29. it's the habit to wake up early, to start the day early, and to sleep early. I guess I could start with wake up early. I don't want to be ambitious to be always wake up at this hours every morning. 6AM is a good start, at least Warung near my home is already open and I could buy some fresh food to cook, and I also would be on time to work at 9AM. 

05.00 AM

So, yesterday was super exhausting for me. Derana is not really well since last week, we've been going to her doctor twice, I think ---- (interrupted by Rana :')) and I continue to take a bath and pray. 

Now it's 05.40AM

Bid Bad Wolf Bandung 2022

So here's what I think earlier: I think everyone is sick at August and the effect continue to September, at least everyone around me :'( saad actually but August was very packed, so many activities and campaign at work, I even took Rana to Jakarta to work for some days, even if everyone not sick, everyone is tired. I hope September will be more loose and everyone health battery back okay or even better. 

I start September by rearrange my reading list-- that was absolutely in a mess in August, it's actually okay for me since I have no reading target, but I do really want to finished some books that I've been reading for weeks. Most of them are non-fiction. 

I also went to Big Bad Wolf last weekend, bought some books for Rana, got none for me since I've been bought some online. It's fun actually but I also spot the difference between going to BBW before Rana and after Rana. If before Rana I could go for hours looking for only 1-2 books, after Rana I could only spend 1 or 2 hours max inside the hall, bought some books without hesitating for too many times like what I did when I choosing some books for my own. Also, we're hungry and there are not so many food stall at the venue, so we went to nearest KFC (10 minutes from the venue). It was still fun! and I got 100K voucher from challenge on Instagram, so I will probably go back on weekend to redeem the voucher. 

Ah, this week I'm reading some books: Hook, Line & Sinker by Tessa Bailey, The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease and continue to read Conversation on Love by Natasha Lunn.

I wish you have a wonderful Wednesday,


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