My Lenovo A-859 Phone's Camera

Rio ! This picture was taken with Lenovo A-859, edited and cropped with Photoscape
It's 11 PM ! And I'm drinking coffee right now while posting this ! 
This noon I was just read a joke, that human who wake up all night and sleep all day maybe an alien and used to live in another dimension. Pff.

I wake up all night but I also work all day.
Maybe I'm a half human and half alien.

By the way, I'm gonna talk about taking picture or photos or whatever. If you're not yet a good english reader, I'm sorry. But I think I will mix all the posts in Indonesia and English. I'll post in Indonesia for my Kelas Bu Asri posts and English for the personal posts, this is one of my way to learn how to use english :) through blogging.

I love taking pictures. I snaps like everything everytime. Now that I'm a teacher of course I spend almost my day at school, at class. And there is my favorite place to snap pictures.

My students, My amazing kids, is my favorite object. I have thousand picture of them. Not all the pictures are good and yeah Instagramable. All the pictures was taken by my smartphone. 

Lenovo A-859. I bought the phone last year and it almost a year I used it. I love my phone's cam. 
Not a very hi res like iPhone 5 or a Sony Phone's Cam. But it's enough. Well the first reason why do I love this is because it's not too expensive, it cost only IDR 1.3 M. It's a middle class phone. But the camera is great for me.

I could snap great outdoor. It's not give the best when we're indoor, but yeah it's great. Sometimes I spend minutes editing my snaps so I could post them in Instagram or Facebook, but I don't do that no more. I just saving the pictures as much as I could. 

There are times when I imagined having a DSLR camera. Maybe the pictures I took will be more stunning. It will ! I know it will. But for a daily snaps at class ? Phones cam is enough. The kids wouldn't even notice that you're capturing their moment. DSLR Camera is too big, mirrorless camera maybe would fit, but still too risky to use it in class when the kids is so active. A pocket camera is great too, but my Fujifilm Pocket cam is so sloooow, I can use that outdoor or when I'm hanging out with some friends, but not with the kids. They can't stay still.

Well there is also an issue when I'm using a phone's cam. The resolution is crap, even it's a 8MP camera, It won't give you the focus like what you got on a DSLR camera, and of course you can't do the zooming thing. It's better to take the picture first then doing the zooming while editing. 

So that's it. Mostly my posts pictures was taken by my phone's cam. What do you think abou tthe picture ?



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