Hello, Sherlock!

So, last Thursday I randomly choose a book to read after work and I can't drop the book down until I finish it, and the book was Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet. 

As a big fans of Detective Conan [been read the comic since I was in Junior High School and now I am a mother of one], I always have a respect for Sherlock Holmes since he's been such an idol for Sinichi Kudo. But I never got a chance to read Sherlock books. The closest experience I got to know Sherlock was from the BBC Series: Sherlock, which aired in 2010 and I watched the first season I think in 2013 and the series become one of my favorite series ever since. Also, that was the time I have a crush on Benedict Cumberbatch :P

Sherlock Hunting

It was last year, 2021. The year when I have so much time scrolling social media also some spending some times to check online marketplace regularly [because I have the maternity leave] and also 2021 was the year when I thought I was financially stable to buy books without thinking too much, in the end I was cry and couldn't even afford to buy delicious snack after realize I got no more entertainment money left and it's only in the middle of the month, anyway, in 2021 I start collecting Sherlock Holmes books. 

I've been in love with Indonesian translation edition from Penerbit Shira Media, I mean look at the books when I complete a month of online book hunting this edition. I guess this edition was discontinue and all I can found was preloved books, which was fine because I got a very nice price for these 5 books. I found it from different marketplace, got it from Tokopedia, Shopee & Bukalapak. I haven't opened the book to be honest so aside from the very pretty book cover and the arrangement of the back of the books, I can't tell you anything about book especially the translation. 

Then, a month (or two maybe) after I complete the collection of Shira Media edition (only 5 books actually not all series), there's Gramedia Online Book Fair, when they offered some books with 50% off price cut! I mean! it's now or never haha! So one of the book I checked out that time was Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet. I bought it only for 35,000! for someone who's growing up worrying about money [wkkk] buying books with big deals is always an achievement! haha sorry not sorry. 

Finally Meet Sherlock

So, months after that time, I finally read the book. It tooks only 6 hours, not in total, but I open the book after work so maybe it's around 6 PM, between iftar, nursing my baby and some errands to do, I finished it in the middle of the night at 12PM. And guess what! I'm in love with this book. It's so weird since I don't put high expectation on this book. I mean I've watch the series and I can guess the plot but still, this one is masterpiece. At least this edition, translated by Sendra B Tanuwijaya! kudos to the translator to make the this book fun to read and did not feel like a translation at all :').

I'm not gonna give you blurb or anything in this post, you guys could found it on Goodreads. I just want to share my experience reading this book haha! I really want to read the Shira-Media version but I got some books to read first before that and somehow I prefer to read the book based on the year published, maybe I'm gonna read the previous book from Gramedia Digital so I don't have to buy more books. I hope I could read the book this month, but I put my expectation lower since the books short stories, unlike the first book I read. :) After reading Gramedia version and Shira Media version, maybe I'm gonna write the difference too and giving more detail reviews. This one is only an intro! wkkkk. 


I'm so happy I finally meet the original Sherlock in the book! and also happy that I watch the series first and I could visualize Benedict as Sherlock! 

Thank you for reading!


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