"If you are grateful, I will surely give you more." - Quran 14:7

This ayat is one of my favorite ayat in The Qur'an and since I have limited knowledge about The Quran, it makes this ayah become more favorite for me. This ayah become more popular these days when people sharing quotes on their status and social media. People put the ayah on an aesthetic picture and it become even more powerful since the meaning is already beautiful. Honestly I did it too sometimes. I don't remember what on what occasion do I share it as a status, sometimes I just randomly pick some picture on pinterest and post it without any intension. Maybe it just a reminder to myself, to always be thankful for Allah's blessing, to not be greedy, to know that what I have today: a family, a healthy family, a healthy body, a chance to do what I love to do, enough foods to eat and not worrying what to eat for few days ahead is purely a blessing I often forget. 

I reread the ayah today from two books: Secret of Divine Love by A. Helwa and Revive Your Heart by Nouman Ali Khan. 

In the first book, Helwa give a notes on gratitude. "True gratitude or shukr, is not based on your circumstance but based on the state of your spirit. Our gratitude does not make God more generoud; rather, our gratitude makes us more receptive to receiving all that God continuously gives to us".

In the second book, one of my favorite book written by Nouman Ali Khan, Ust. Nouman give us more context of the ayah, when Musa AS turns to the Israelites who are in the middle of the desert, complaining about the heat, lack of food, lack of water, he turn to them and says, "Your Master had already declared that, "If you can become grateful, I will absolutely increase you". This is interesting because in the first chapter of the book, Musa AS already experiencing this. That when we are grateful, Allah always give us more and more and more. 

I rarely write about The Quran in this blog, but I really want to share it here. Sometimes, I feel I'm too greedy, I know that because Allah actually give me more than enough, and I'm not talks about money only, I feel another blessing, more than money, family, support system, health, the ability to think, the ability to read, the ability to write, yet I always want more and mostly it's about possession. It's about dunya. 

I want to reflect more this Ramadan, Allah already give everything I need right now. This time, I aspire to become the people who know when enough is enough, and become the people who always grateful.


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