[Review Asri] Sierra Burgess is a Big Loser

I should write more about movies than anything else because I spend too much time watching movies and drama lately. Huft Huft.

Most people think I'm a bookworm when in fact I enjoy watching movies as much as I enjoy reading. Haha Since I am a very visual person anyway, I am gonna write about one movie I just watch, a Netflix original: Sierra Burgess is a Big Loser

I know this is just another American Teen Movies, but I really love this kind of movie, mmm correction, I watched this movie because of NOAH CENTINEO!!!! OMG it's been a long time since the last time I'm fangirling like this.

Did someone call my name?
Not so long time ago, I watched another Netflix Original, an adaptation from a book: To All The Boys I've Loved Before. Where Noah is playing as Peter! Haha, I love the book, you know. So seeing Noah as Peter is so damn good.

Okay, here's the Movie poster:

It's a sweet movie. About Sierra Burgess, a straight A's students, been bullied by a queen kinda girl, but she has gut and she's also very clever.

Jamey, is a football athlete, trying to make a move with a girl who bullied Sierra, the girl, Veronica give him Sierra phone number, and Jamey and Sierra has been texting since then.

You know what happened next is all the thing you could imagine even if you don't like romantic movie. Jamey fall into the girl he think is Veronica, when actually it is Sierra.

The lie all blew up in the last 20 minutes before the movie ended and the last part of the movie taught us how Sierra learn to handle the broken heart and yeay they ended up together.

Sierra: about Dorian Grey
So typical isn't it? Just like another American romantic comedy movie, haha the other thing I love from this movie, beside NOAH! is how this movie made Sierra and Veronica ended up as a bestfriend too. So much movies make a good girl and a good guy and there is a bag girl or a bad guy, as if the people is only black and white, there is a grey area and I think I learn that from Sierra-Veronica friendship.
Well, I think that is for today! I promised myself to write more about what I learn everyday but it is so hard, I always think being in a place that have a high speed computer and WiFi signal could make me write more and create more, in fact it isn't.

So, what do you think about the movie, guys? Have you watched it?
if you need some sweetness in your day or night, I recommend this movie!


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