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Last week, me and Ronald visited the IDP Australian Education Exhibition at Holiday Inn Hotel, actually it was my idea since I really interested to continue my study in Australia, but Ronald was interested to join too, so we came together.

The first booth I visited was the University of Wollongong, I was surprise because I cannot apply for this university because of my past department accreditation status, yeah it is C and even I know that the C is very bad, I though the university will verify case by case, I was so down because of that, it was a warning for you who have not make a choice to take an undergraduate major or university yet, some universities have no problem with my university, which is a public university and the accreditation is B, but the problem come to my department, I can't blame on anyone or even my past university, it was our first our accreditation status as a newborn department in our university.

But, when I went to another booth, actually that was not my big problem, some university like La Trobe University is okay with the C accreditation as long as I have two referees from my lectures, and even the UTS is really okay with the accreditation, but just like what I said, the problem is not the accreditation anymore. It is the IELTS score.

The IELTS score for my major is so high for me, La Trobe university give the lowest score in 6.5 with 6 band for each section, which is still high for me. Another Universities requires 7.0 band overall and still 7.0 minimum band for each section, they told me the requirement for master of teaching is the highest in almost all university, just as high as the master of law, it's because we need to communicate and have an interaction with the student and of course it need high capability of using and understanding English. Some other university requires 7.5 band and when I heard that, Ronald just give me a very sarcasm smile. (I got what you mean buddy!).

Another requirements to apply for master of teaching is two years work experiences in relevant field, the University of Melbourne and UWA give that requirement and the counselor told me 'at least you can take an IELTS preparation and still teach to enter the program'. Yeah I know they really understand when they looked at my un-fitted-7.5-IELTS-band-score face.

But even the requirement is already so high, there is no program I really want to apply, I mean yeah I want to apply, but I want a specific major, I want to be a master of early childhood education. I don't want to take a master of education in general or even Master of teaching in early years, but there is no available program in almost all universities until I went to the last booth I visited today, The Macquire University.

For me, actually it's my first time really know about this university, I always find some information about the program I want to take in some universities in Australia such as Monash, University of Newcastle, University of Wollongong, UNSW but I never really find my program in Macquire, I've ever heard about this university but never really looking to this university as my future college, and who knew they offer a very suitable program for me. The Master of Early Childhood Education. It's a very special major you know, not every university have this program, and it is so good that at least I found one university in this exhibition.

As what I read in the International program guide book, this university has been offer early childhood program for a long time, they even have a children center in the college, the name is Mia-Mia. It's a dream university of mine. But yeah, I still have to fight with my IELTS score. Macquire requirement the student to have 7.0 score with minimum 7.0 in each band, it's so high for me. But I'll fight for this.

Now that I know what university I should focused in, I have more energy and my motivation became higher. I already make plans to get more serious in applying scholarship and of course in IELTS preparation. I have not take the preparation class yet, because I don't have the funding. I don't want to bother my family again and again with my dream, I should try to achieve it with my own works, I just need their moral supports, and that's mean a lot for me.

I got a lot of things to learn today and thanks for IDP to make me lighten by the exhibition, I'll soon contact the IDP to help me with all the requirements and documents. I will fight for my dream !!!


By the way, both I and Ronald were agreed that we should have a specific topic everyday in our blog writing task, starting from tomorrow, we'll write about same topics with different view. Please enjoy and if you just eventually come to our blog, don't be bother to write a comment about our post. It'll be our pleasure.


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    1. :) semoga selalu membara ya al semangatnya. hehe lagi butuh power lebih nih :D


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