Things to do

I always envy chiaki who have nodame to cheer him when he's down. I want to have someone who cheer me up too :D well the good things is I do have some friends who always cheer me and say not to give up. But it turns awkward when you text a good friend about your situation now but she or he did not really read it so she or he think that I made something but in fact I didn't. 

I'm just laughing when I saw the text, I know my friend didn't really read it. So I don't mind, by the way chiaki and nodame ever been in this situation, and chiaki said that nodame are just sow some salt on his wound, but then nodame straighten her point and at the end chiaki is cheered by her. It's so sweet I think. (and show everyone how freak I am for nodame :P).

I just miss my friends so much, but I don't think things are different even if I'm in Bengkulu. Everyone are very busy now. So did my friends here. It must be good if I join some local community here. I should find one. I missed volunteering. Ulan text me again today said no one coming. I'm so sad but can't blame my friends there, I know they are all busy. I just hope they will come next week.

Mba aku kangen banget......sama mbak asri tercinta. | love you mbk asri - ulan
The message is so sweet. knowing that I left something good in a place I lived before is so wonderful. [it's a must ! I should find some volunteering program here]


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