Cikuray Sunrise

Hello, been a while since the last update. last week I joined Bayu and his friends hike mt. cikuray in Garut. Actually he asked me to join because one of his friend is a girl and have no friend to go with. So I was in.
 Actually I never heard any about Cikuray before, neither the name or the track itself, Bayu told me the track was hard. But I admit Dempo still the hardest for me :)

It was fun by the way, i thought i will never hike any mountains again after dempo, for the bonus I finally got my sunrise moment. I couldn't make it in Kaba because there was fog and I woke up late in dempo :(.

And that sunrise moment was something worth hours of walking after.
My 'wake up' face at the tea plantation before hike mt. cikuray

Cikuray Tea Plantation

a moment before sunrise

Everyone is waiting

Epic Scenery

I love the colour

1 . . 2 . . 3 . .

Here we go

Me eh




2821 mdpl huh

Bayu's Friend hmm a new family :)


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