We're Expecting!

Ehm, this Sunday morning while having my morning tea and watching Doraemon on RCTI, I want to write about something important for us (Me & Mas Har): We're expecting a daughter in the end of April. 

I'm in the beginning of third trimester right now. Two days ago we visited a doctor and midwife, she's healthy and in a good condition alhamdulillah. Am I happy for this news? Am I excited to be a new mom?

Well, today I am, but not when I found out the news five months ago around September. Things was so weird back then, we always want to have kids, but we never thought it would be this fast (I know for some couple it's already late since we married in January earlier that year, but whatever, I just got a new job after months being a freelancer, we're in the middle of a global pandemic, pregnancy surely not a thing I imagine I would have at that time). 

My First Trimester

To make things worst, when I thought I was pregnant in September, lots of hospitals and clinics are closed due the pandemic and the so many healthy workers were infected. We tried to keep calm and come to the closest public health service near our house: Puskesmas! I have my first check up there, just to make sure that I really am pregnant. Even at that place, everything seems so gloomy and weird, only limited patients were allowed to do the check up at that Puskesmas, and the place only open for few hours. After a confirmation from a midwife, some general cautions about do's and dont's at the first trimester, a prescription of folac acid and pills to help me cope with the morning sickness and nausea, we left that place, still in a fuzzy feeling that we're going to be a parents. 

I took some times to cope with the news. The first person I told about this news was not my mom, it was Renti and Destin, my bestfriends who were just having their kids months before. I asked them what to do's and dont's and that was enough. I'm not gonna fill my head (at that time) with things I found randomly on the internet. I trust them. 

My first trimester was not easy. I was easily getting tired (which is frustrating for an active person like me), some weeks after the check up I got some spots on my underwear which is not a good sign according to books I read & of course the internet (I finally brave enough to do some readings on the internet but limit my self to not reading too much), I told Renti immediately, Renti told me to calm down and having a bed rest the whole day. "Try not to panic, if there are still spots three days in a row, visit the doctor" she said. 

I did what she said, I remember I was having spots in Wednesday night, told my boss to have a bed rest on Thursday and Friday. The spots vanished anyway, but I'm still doing the bedrest, following Renti's order. But on Friday nights, we still visited an obgyn because I do think we need a USG at least once in this trimester to make sure everything is okay, alhamdulillah everything was okay. Though the doctor still prescribe me an extra medicine to help me strengthen the pregnancy. I'm still not as excited as most of new moms to be, still worried about a lot of things but ready to face the second trimester because I heard it would be a lot easier. 

The Second Trimester

I can't remember exactly what date and month was to marks the second trimester, but my body can feel it. Suddenly I want (and have the energy) to cook again, after weeks of hiatus at my kitchen. I also feel excited to do some things for my community, I have good mood to read again, I always excited to wake up in the morning and do my job passionately. 

We begin to excited to be new parents too. We haven't discuss a lot about parenting stuff in this trimester, but Mas Har and I began to read about how to have a gentle birth books, how to deliver the baby without the panic. I join a yoga class online and told some friends-who is also a mom that I'm expecting and want to learn a lot from them. 

We even have the nick name for our baby girl; It's Rana, the short word for Derana. A word we love since the beginning we know the meaning. We read a book every evening after Magrib for her and we're delighted whenever she kick us when we read for her. 

We took Rana every month both to doctor and midwife clinic, I want to have birth on a midwife clinic because it seems more calming to me than having birth on a hospital of a general healthy clinic with random people who are sick, in a midwife clinic, people were there to have birth, which is a natural process, not because they were sick. But I'm also okay if I have to giving birth at Hospital anyway. 

The thing is; at the second trimester, I realize that I'm not really enjoyed my session with my obgyn, and I know it's important to trust my doctor, so I told Mas Har and we did not continue the session with the obgyn, the obgyn is quite popular. the clinic is famous too, but I'm just not comfortable with her approach. We found out that the midwife clinic I visited regulerly have an obgyn too, but only do the USG and check up at friday evening. 

I think "Okay, it's a good deal too, we can both discussed with the doctors and midwife at the same place and same time", but my first time experience of waiting is horrible. Turn out the docs is well-known with his friendly attitude and so many pregnant women was waiting, I came after Magrib and got my check up at 9PM, wow! Buuuuut! the way the doctor explained everything to me and Mas Har was really comforting. At that time, Rana was diognased under weight and the position is also breech? (I don't know the english word for Sungsang). The doctor told us it's totally fine and we don't have to panic, He told me to do a new routine, knee-chest position, drink lots of water and prescribe me a food supplement. The midwife taught me the right knee-chest position and told me, "Don't forget to communicate with the baby, and of course Pray to God" while teaching me. 

I, somehow feel comfortable with the doctor and the midwife and don't want to go to another doctor, I remember told the doctor "Thank you" on our last check up, and he told us "I'm the one who should be say thank you, thank you for trusting me". 

Welcoming the Third Trimester

Yeaaaay! Thanks to the smooth second semester we're more excited to have Rana. I'm in the beginning of the third trimester, I'm eager to read more about how to have birth without panicking (even though I know everything could happen when the labour begin, I'm still excited. 

Ah, we still have a lot to prepare, the things is I haven't bought any baby stuff. (anything!). Blanket, shirts, baby wraps or anything. We haven'y bought any. We decided to have bought that this range of time, maybe in March, because I'm due between the end of April and the beginning of May. (It's Ramadhaaan!). 

Didn't I scare of anything that could happen in this trimester?

Of course I am! Haha, I'm not gonna lie, Rana's is still not in a normal position, there are possibilities of her turn around my belly and have a normal and steady but I'm already prepared myself for another scenario. 

I also happen to know a friend who have a miscarriage at the third semester, so I always alarm and check Rana's kick regularly. 

Anything can happen, going into labour is also a near-death experience for some women, but it's a natural process. Both I and Mas Har is excited to meet Rana, but also know there are so things we need to notes and highlight for now. 

Right now I spend a lot of time reading some books, some were parenting books and books explain what to expect when we're expecting, but some books was fiction, non fiction, children books for Rana. 

I also try to consume good foods but still have a regular coffee once a week (I asked the doctor and midwife and it's okay!). I know so many mom to be willing to sacrifice anything for the baby, at some point, me too, but for coffee I choose to have lower the dose, from once a day to once a week shot! Haha. 


Yeah this weekend post is finally not about books or drawing. I decided to write it so I can read it again one day, maybe with Rana's around.

Happy weekend everyone!


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