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Yass it's SHELFIE not SELFIE !
Haha, if you guys love reading as much as I do, you should join the community on Instagram, since there is no groups, you could search through the hashtag, start with #igreads or #bookstagram, you'll find millions posts by people around the world who has the same passion and interest with you.

Shelfie 2
So, what's with Shelfie ?

It's Shelf Selfie, haha. I mean this hashtag is a hit too, when you search #shelfie, you'll find great photos showing the bookshelf. So here I am today.

Shelfie 3

I have no beautiful bookshelf, but what I have in my home is great by the way. I use an old cupboard and turn it into a bookshelf. My collection now is not as much as what a bookworm have, half of book I read was e-book version, I could find on the Internet, such a shame I know, but that's what you do when you hardly want to read but have no money to buy the book or the book wasn't  available on the public library. Whatever that is, I'm glad that at least I still read.

I have plenty of children books

I have the complete Harry Potter Series ! I love them, that series is books I won't easily lend to anyone. Hehe. I'm addicted to fantasy book and also comics, i don't have much but i collect some of my favorite, Detective Conan, Nodame Cantabille ana Piano no Mori.

National Geographic & Rolling Stone !! Yass

I'm also reading magazine guys ! I think I can learn so many thing from a magazine, the genres doesn't matter, when I was in college, I read so many magazine to learn how to write.

What book I read when I was in college ?

Honestly There are still so many books I haven't read until now.
I'm an Enid Blyton big fans !
Never count how much book I already have but I always think to buy more . . . 

What about your Shelfie guys ? Do you like reading as much as I do ?


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