Time [always] flies

Time always flies without us notice we're all getting older. There's only some times we really notice. Birthday, New Year and when we meet someone we used to hang with in a good old time. Yet this week I do really understand about how fast time run not only by my birthday, but also because I met a partner in crime. Diogi.

Yes yes. Diogi come to Bandung this weekend, so sad because we can't spend so much time, but even a night out, it remind me so much to our moment in songkhla, Thailand. Diogi, Windy and abang Jay always take me in any possible time. Whether its to sell some clothes in a thailand traditional night market or to enjoy some festivals in Thailand. That's why even I only had to stay for 2 months in Thailand, I had thousands memories with them, and mostly it's about night and lights :)

Last night I met Ogi and some of his friend, so sad windy can't join, i wish we'll have a complete team reunite one day. We took a stroll around asia africa and jalan braga and even for ogi the street remind him to HatYai. 

I know he's so passionate about business, traditional market, enterpreuneur and things, he and his friends is looking for a new business opportunity in bandung, wish them a lot of luck.

somewhere around asia afrika

me, ogi and his friends


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